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-Type A   -Type B
Heating by combustion furnace obtaining a minimun oxydation and decarbonization and then tempering into a especial oil bathing.
Hardness reached with tempering: 48/56 HRC Rockwell C.
  Heating by high frecuence electric generator and water and additives cooling. “Half blade tempering along the edge”.
Hardness reached:50/60 HRC Rockwell C.
- Tempering type "A"   - Steel
Due to high costs treatment of heating by combustion furnace and tempering by oil bathing, we are the only producers using this traditional and excellent system for a very good quality tool.   Chemical composition (%)

C   0.50
MN   0.56/62
SI   0.22/27
P   0.015
S   0.010/020
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